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Anti-motim \ n 1) plástico de engenharia e EVA, 1.08m2,7.0KG \ n2) Alta qualidade, ISO9001-2008 \ n \ n Parâmetros \ n \ n


High performance special engineering plastic and EVA

Total protection area

1.08m2(totally protect shoulder, chest, arm, elbow, hand, thigh, keen, crus and feet )

Suitable height






It cannot be destroyed stabbed upright from front and back under 20J kinetic energy by the knife meeting GA-68 standard.

Impact resistance

The protection layer (putting flat on the steel plate) will not be crazed and damaged under 120J kinetic energy.

Energy absorbing

100J kinetic energy impact on the protection layer ( putting flat on the colloid clay ) , the colloid clay impress no more than 20mm.

Flame resistance

Complied with level FV-2, oxygen index will not lower than 28% for surface layer.

Special characters

Add long straps front and back, making it stronger.

Put on additional adjustable protector in underbelly area.

The whole are good ventilation.


1pc in a waterproof, multifunction fabric bag and 3pcs in a carton


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